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4 reasons to care about PATH-2 reaching target:

  • Your department has committed to supporting this study
  • Professional pride and fulfilment
  • £ / resources for your trust
  • Improve our NHS with treatments based on evidence!


What works? What doesn't? Contribute to a discussion below or suggest a new topic here.

Currently being discussed:

1. What recruitment problems have other sites experienced?

2. How do you respond to patients who opt for surgery because of their own research?

3. What should happen to the study-funded centrifuges after recruitment ends?

4. Plans for future follow-up after 24 weeks?

5. Follow-up experiences

6. Trial substudies, more info please

Awards for Reach Target Event

  • Random prize draw from survey answers: Iwona Kolodziejczyk, Royal Surrey, wins voucher.
  • Fewest PATH-2 data clarifications since opening: Southmead team with 15% data queries per CRF completed.  £25 voucher.
  • Fewest HRET issues: Laura Mills and Jo Freelove, physiotherapists at University Hospital Coventry: no HRET issues. £25 voucher.
  • Above and beyond contribution to the study: Mark Vertue, Basildon, for randomising two patients in one day, after the cyber attack, without IT systems. £25 voucher
  • Best contribution to this event: Ruth Halliday, Southmead, wins a cuddly platelet.
  • For speaking in their video, Jamila, Catherine and Shanaz, Royal London, win cuddly platelets and £25 voucher.
  • Prize draw for feedback survey: Kathryn Lewis, John Radcliffe,Oxford, wins voucher.




Welcome and Study Update

Dr Susan Wagland, Trial Manager

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Keynote Speaker: How Research improves NHS Clinical Practice

Prof Keith Willett, Chief Investigator

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Why PATH-2? Our BMJ Uncertainities paper, in a nutshell

Jacqueline Thompson, Research Physiotherapist

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Platelets: The Natural Wound Healers in the Blood

Dr Paul Harrison, University of Birmingham, co-investigator

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About Substudy 1: Platelet Rich Plasma

Dr Paul Harrison, University of Birmingham, co-investigator

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View from a Site: Royal London Hospital

Jamila Kassam, Catherine Hilton, Shanaz Ahmad, Royal London Hospital

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About Substudy 2: Tendon Biopsies

Dr Philippa Hulley, University of Oxford, co-investigator

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